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Spanish Thrash Metal hailing from Madrid - Est. 2007



Years Active:





Jorge Molano

David Rivilla             

Madrid, Spain

Thrash / Death Metal

2007 - Present





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How can a band create one of the most anticipated albums in the underground metal scene without a record deal? Easy, you just need to be the most aggressive, head banging, crushing, destructive and savage live act in the world. And that is what Fierce Cult strive to be.

Described as a Groove, Thrash, Death metal band, Fierce Cult (formerly known as The Seed) enter the stage like a bulldozer in a demolition derby, crashing everyone that dares to stand in their way. Well known in the underground metal scene for their relentless touring and fierce dedication at every show, besides their commitment to making the most aggressive and heaviest music, Fierce Cult have become an unstoppable metal tsunami that can only grow bigger and stronger.

Fast and powerful guitars, thunderous bass, pounding drums and rage-full lyrics screamed from the top of the lungs, have become Fierce Cult’s trade mark. “Language that doesn’t need translation, language of the good music”, “Powerful, sharp and heavy”, “A groovy Thrash attack”, “Fierce Cult’s music has a lot to offer especially in the field of thrash metal but with lots of other variations as well”, these are just a few examples of what has been said about Fierce Cult by media worldwide.

Fierce Cult keeps growing every day, becoming stronger at every show, attracting more and more metal-heads all over the world and facing every step with pure and sincere determination, and throughout their time and especially in recent months have grabbed the attention of industry worldwide, stay tuned for news of tours and releases coming soon.

Read on to delve into the intricacies and history of how Fierce Cult came to be…

In 2007 Fierce Cult released their first demo “Demonsterations”, laying the foundations for what was to come, and gaining their debut recognition from metal fans all over Europe. 2010 then saw Fierce Cult self-release their first full length album “From Nowhere To No One” which made Fierce Cult one of the most groundbreaking bands on the European underground scene. After presenting “From Nowhere To No One” live all over Europe, Fierce Cult entered the studio to record “PULL THE TRIGGER... AND BITE THIS BULLET”, which once again became one of the most celebrated metal albums in the Underground Metal scene that 2013 had delivered.

Fierce Cult set out to perform throughout Europe, showcasing their live production of the new album “Pull The Trigger… And Bite This Bullet” which included an appearance at Czech Republic’s ‘Hardfest Music Festival’, performing possibly the most rageous set Fierce Cult have done to date.

Straight from the road and into the studio, Fierce Cult started working on it’s most ambitious work to date, “El Triunfo De La Muerte”, a three-part trilogy composed of three EP’s and three short films, relating to the world’s demise caused by an unknown virus that erases the human race, and brings light to all the greed, envy and corruption that brought humanity to it’s own destruction.

The “El Triunfo De La Muerte” consists of “The Hellbroth”, “The Plague” and “The Agony”. Despite Fierce Cult writing, recording, arranging and producing the trilogy, their work did not end there; Fierce Cult also took an active part in the creation, production and filming process of the three short films. “El Triunfo De La Muerte”is not only a great EP trilogy filled with musical violence, that have shaped Fierce Cult’s music into a more complex and mature approach to brutality, but it’s also a complete audiovisual experience that will take the metal fans into the world’s decadence to the rhythm of Fierce Cult’s music.






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