Spanish Thrash Metal hailing from Madrid - Est. 2007


The CULT is completed.

EN: Fierce Cult is proud to announce the ending of the auditioning try outs. The killing machine is tuned and Ready to Kill!!!. The last body part added to our own personal Frankenstein is Mr. Fernando Barrio Parra, who will take care of all the skull crushing and inner-exploding tasks, while acquiring the form of a death metal bass player when exposed to humans sight. Fer has been spreading for years his skills and mastery in the control of the low end in bands like: Araxiel, Beyond Toilet, First and Face, No Fate and Shameless. But now is time for him to reach a higher level of brutality and let the massacre begin. Keep posted to Fierce Cult's news section, more exciting news are about to

New CULT Member!!!

EN: Fierce Cult is proud to present their new murderer for the cult, David Rivilla . His weapon of choice is the axe with which he has been playing Death Metal for more than 15 years in bands like: Atrocyted, Evil Tormentor & Entropy. David has arrived with the only purpose of increasing the killing and body chopping capabilities of the Cult. A merciless destruction machine that will take Fierce Cult's guitar riffs to higher level of darkness. Keep posted to Fierce Cult's news section, more exciting news are about to come. Horns Up!!!! SP: Fierce Cult se enorgullece de presentar al nuevo asesino de la secta, David Rivilla. Su arma el hacha, con la que ha estado tocando Death Metal durante m





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